CCF Creative Concrete Flooring


CCF Creative Concrete Flooring article highlights

  • Discusses acid stains in more depth
  • How and why different concretes react
  • Acid stains create unique, one-of-a-kind floor

What is an Acid Stained floor? 

I know it sounds like a disaster but acid staining is a process using a mild acid solution and metal salts that creates very stunning effects. The acid opens the concrete so the metal salts mix with the lime in the concrete. That’s the level where the staining becomes art.

Because each concrete floor is a different blend of ingredients, age, mix, chemicals, texture and finishes they accept the stain differently. The end result is quite artistic and will appeal to a wide variety of personal taste. No two finished floors are ever the same.

Creative Concrete Flooring can turn your drab, boring concrete floors into warm beautiful floors in tones of natural stone that will have your floors admired and talked about for years.

And while compliments are always great to hear you will be especially pleased to know your unique floor is extremely durable: the surface won’t fade, chip, or peel.

What about colour? 

Our highly skilled craftsmen can help you with this decision. We’ll test some areas to show you how your concrete floor will react to the acid stain. This will give you an idea on the finished look. Just remember the finished look with not be one consistent uniform look.

At best, some say your floor will be consistently, inconsistent. And that is more than acceptable when it comes to a work of art.