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Apples To Apples
How To Tell the Difference

If you ever get two quotes and one is a lot cheaper. What do you do? Jump at the lower price? Or does the difference make you wonder if one company didn’t read the specs right? Is the lower quote cutting things you don’t know about? Was your briefing specific enough? Sure makes you think doesn’t it?

What follows are some tips to help you know whether you are comparing Apples to Apples so you know you are getting exactly what you want.

First, recheck your brief. Make sure the numbers being quoted are for the same thing.

Compare the specs. Did the contractors understand what you wanted? In the case of the floor… how much traffic will it have… do you want the finish to last a long time or are you selling in a couple of years
Compare materials. If you want high quality the lower quote may reflect inferior grade materials.
Compare processing. Especially the effort put into prep work. Also compare the specs on grinds and polishes.
Short cuts. For example: two concrete floors look polished. One costs a lot more than the other. Why? More than likely one floor is buffed… and the other polished.

Buffed? Polished? How does the untrained eye tell the difference? Two places. The Price and the Warranty.

A buffed concrete floor doesn’t take the time or materials so it is cheaper. It will lose its lustre sooner so warranty coverage is shorter - one or two years is common. A fully polished floor takes more skill, more labour and material so it costs more. But it keeps its beauty for… you guessed it… a decade or longer with no or little maintenance. Hence the 10 year warranty.

Your Best Bet. Be very specific on what you are looking for. Concrete floors are complex and there a large number of viable solutions. The more detailed and thorough you can be, the better. That way when the quotes come in you’ll know what you are comparing.

If you have a concrete problems please don’t hesitate to call. There is no obligation. CCF - Creative Concrete Flooring contractors are very experienced - the best of the best. Their ideas can help you. All you have to do is write or pick up the phone.

As the Saying Goes: There is never enough money to do the job right the first time, but always enough to do it over.

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