CCF Creative Concrete Flooring


CCF Creative Concrete Flooring article highlights

  • Why decorative concrete flooring is a hot trend
  • One-of-a-kind floors
  • Versatility, durability, cost efficient
  • How it is Allergen free, environmentally friendly, mold resistant

Concrete Flooring: A Hot Trend For Good Reason

Everywhere, people are dressing up and exposing their concrete floors. What’s going on? Why is decorative concrete flooring becoming a popular choice with businesses and homeowners? What’s the appeal? Read on and discover the reasons that make this fast growing trend appealing both visually and economically.

To begin with concrete is truly versatile. It is a designer’s dream. Because each and every concrete floor stains differently your floor will be unique. With different techniques the colour palette is huge. With the use of colours, scoring and application techniques designs are only limited by your imagination.

What if the concrete is a disaster? This often applies to the garage. The floor is often unsightly, deeply pitted, badly cracked, and has salt damage. We can show you techniques that can turn it into a showcase that will appreciate the value and appeal of your home or business.

Here’s another. Concrete is tough. No other flooring material can match concrete's strength and durability. When you turn it into a work of art you know your creation will last and take anything you can throw at it.

Concrete floors are Healthy floors. Properly installed and sealed concrete resists stains, mold, mildew, water damage, and wear and tear from everyday living. Concrete is referred to as an uninterrupted floor which means it doesn’t have seams. So floors like tile, vinyl, wood or carpet can get moisture under them and become damaged.

How many times do you hear of basement floors that are ruined because of flooding or mildew causing rot or mold. Not so with a beautiful concrete floor. All it takes is a mop and some elbow grease to make your flooded floor like new again. And because a finished concrete floor is allergen free you and your family can breathe a lot easier.

Versatile . No other flooring offers as many choices to give you the desired effect you are looking for. There’s the natural stone feel of Acid Staining, the more vibrant colours of Acrylic Staining. And the endless colour selections in tough, slip resistant epoxies. Scoring allows you to create patterns or the look of different tiles which you can combine with colour to make floors as distinctive as you want.

All for a cost that is comparable to a midrange ceramic tile or wood floor.

Isn’t it time you explored your options? If you want an easy way to change your concrete basement and garage floors from Drab to Fab then give us a call at Creative Concrete Flooring.