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Concrete Has Brightened Up

Imagine taking the concrete you have and treating it to change the color. This could create a seamless transition from the inside of your house to the outside depending on the colors you choose. There are various treatments available including liquid surface dyes (also called translucent dyes). These are applied over dried, hardened concrete, and they can be tints, 

dyes, stains or acrylics in water based or solvent based dilutions. There are amazing finishes that these treatments can provide to change your concrete to an artistic part of your home.

If you are just getting ready to pour concrete, the color can be mixed into the concrete itself. This will give you color that is disbursed throughout the concrete itself and once the concrete is poured, it can be finished by using a sealer on top of it.

Another decorative concrete idea is to use dry surface hardeners which are put over the poured concrete while it is still wet before it is finished. Once the color is "broadcast" onto the surface and absorbs into it, a second broadcast is applied and can deepen the first color or add a different color resulting in a layered effect.

One other way to make your concrete more decorative is by using a coating system, which is just what it sounds like. They are painted over the surface to coat it either with a clear coat or various colors. These are applied rather equally, however there are additives that can go into the coating to create different more artistic or creative looks.

No matter what your situation is regarding the concrete surrounding - or inside - your home, exploring decorative concrete will offer you unique, artistic and affordable choices that will create a unique look that will last for years.

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The nice thing about decorative concrete is that it not only beautifies an area but it as diverse as it's designer and quite cost effective. We will bring you tips and ideas but for additional resources visit

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