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Concrete Stain Floors

By: John Groom

Acid staining is a process whereby a mild hydrochloric or phosphoric acid solution is combined with metal salts. The acid is used to open the pores in the concrete and introduce the metal salts to the free lime in the concrete and this produces a vibrant or somewhat muted, multi-hued mottled look which will satisfy a wide variety of styles and tastes. Each concrete surface will accept the stains differently based on chemical makeup, age, porosity, mix design, texture, ambient conditions, whether the surface has been hard power-troweled (helicopter looking machines) and initial color of the substrate. 

Acid staining creates a one of a kind masterpiece that can not be replicated. Acid Stain transforms bare concrete into luxurious surfaces which lends a warm, inviting feeling of translucent color shadings similar to natural stone. The stain process reacts chemically with the concrete to form a permanent, decorative surface which will not chip, fade or peel: it is as permanent as your concrete! Create your own custom designs without being inhibited by cost constraints. The system is tremendously more affordable than stone or marble and hard tile.

When deciding on color, find an inconspicuous spot (closet maybe) and test your samples there. It needs to be on the same slab. This will give you a reasonable estimate of the color you should expect from your floor. Please be aware that every slab is different and the reaction to each concrete surface is unique. You should expect color tones to be consistently, inconsistent. Once you have the floor stained and sealed it is a permanent, beautiful work of art that you and others will admire for years.

John Groom is Managing Partner and Owner of Concrete Designs & Resurfacing and has been installing decorative concrete products and epoxies since 1998 and has 15 years prior experience in home building and remodeling. Concrete Designs is a manufacturer, distributor and installer of high-quality decorative concrete stains, concrete overlays, epoxies and sealers for Distinctive Custom Interior Concrete Flooring and Exterior Applications.

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