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Take a Shine to Concrete

For years, many hotels and convention centers were immersed in thick, overly bright too glitzy patterned carpeting reminiscent of Las Vegas. During the past decade, especially most recently, things have begun to change to a more subtle, minimalist, yet elegant, trend.

This is where many of the new types and styles of flooring come into play. There are numerous types of decorative concrete available both for commercial projects such as hotels, restaurants and office buildings, and they are also available for homes.

One of the most stunning floor treatments is the use of polished concrete. Not only is it beautiful, it is also durable and enhances and envelopes an atmosphere by creating a seamless connection between floor and décor.

One example of polished concrete being used commercially is at the remodeled Hotel San Jose in Austin, TX. The Hotel San Jose is a landmark in Austin. It was bought and remodeled by an ex-attorney turned hotelier, who wanted the look to represent Austin and at the same time be minimalist. She was trying to create a calm atmosphere for guests to soak in by combining unique metals and metal work, vintage furniture and bright splashes of color, exquisitely framed by the polished concrete floors. The custom hand-made furniture created out of reclaimed Texas pine creates a spectacular impact against the polished concrete floors. As a result, each room looks unique, personal and welcoming.

There are increasing numbers and types of venues using decorative concrete flooring – especially polished concrete – to create an ambience and finished look to their décor. The art of creating a specific look with polished concrete is growing. It has become affordable and versatile. With different types of colors, patterns and even wall décor, polished concrete is fast becoming a decorative touch that is in demand.

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