CCF Creative Concrete Flooring


Why Polish Concrete?


  • Variety of concrete dyes offered 
  • Integrally colored concrete available 
  • Colored aggregate can be applied to concrete mix or seeded into top layer 
  • Objects can be seeded into the concrete mix and polished smooth 
  • Adds warmth and dimension 
  • Virtually any structurally sound floor can be polished 


  • Made from recycled materials 
  • Releases minimal pollutants 
  • Substitute for hazardous materials 
  • Exceptional durability 
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs with increased thermal mass 
  • Reduces energy use by increasing ambient light reflection 
  • Very low VOC content and minimal impact on indoor air quality 
  • Allergy-free alternative 
  • Facilitates LEED accreditation 


  • Lower initial cost compared to most traditional floor coverings 
  • Eliminates downtime waiting for chemical processes to cure 
  • One-time application with minimal maintenance 
  • Long life cycle of 10 to 20 years