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Concrete Stains - Why It is Rising in Popularity

By: Gen Wright 
Are you getting tired of the way your concrete appears in your home? Many homeowners have the wrong perception that it costs a small fortune to overhaul the appearance of concrete. However, a revolutionary new product in the marketplace, known as Concrete Stains, allow homeowners to change the patterns and colors of the concrete without having to spend a small fortune.

Concrete stains are available in 1 gallon concentrate. The amount that you buy depends on the floor area that you wish to cover. A single gallon can cover between 500 to 700 square meters. In other words, if you have a 2,500 to 3,500 floor area to cover, you will need an estimated volume of 5 gallons of concrete stain.

Using concrete stains to change the color of concrete is not a new method. There are already several products in the marketplace that fills this gap. However, these products usually take a long time to dry (about 24 hours). The homeowner will have to wait for the stains to dry, before any sealer can be applied. All in all, these products are not very versatile.

A new product in the marketplace, known as Beer Concrete Stains, is a much more versatile product. You can choose to mix the concentrate with beer, wine, alcohol, water, thinner, or lacquer. When you add something unique like beer or wine, the colors change to something exclusive. If you just add water, the color remains close to the original. But if your primary intention is for the stains to dry quickly, add thinner or lacquer. When you do that, the stains can dry within just ten to fifteen minutes!

The product comes with UV protection, to prevent the surface from aging due to exposure to sunlight. A layer of sealer is highly recommended to protect the stains. Unlike other products, you don't need to wait for hours before applying the sealer. Once the stains dry, which can happen in just minutes, you can apply the sealer straight away. This acts as a protective layer for the concrete. It will help lengthen the life span of the flooring.

There are many colors to choose from when buying concrete stains. Ask for a few samples to check out the possibilities that you can achieve with the products. However, bear in mind that the samples provide only a rough guideline. You may not be able to get the exact colors that you want as you may mix the concentrate differently. Colors include amber, basalt, rust, chocolate, and more. They are divided into two broad categories - standard colors and designer colors.

For standard colors, the appearance will look like more classic. Choose this color if you are looking for a more convention design. But if you prefer a more modern design, check out the designer colors. Designer colors are more unique and they tend to stand out from other colors.